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Man and woman speaking in front of audienceSSI Global Compliance, LLC group of professionals ensure the delivery of training needs to establish a competitive edge while complying with laws and regulations for your employee and business needs. SSIGC will assist you with the development and structure tailored to your needs and budgetary constraints. We have the ability to adjust to employee schedules and comprehensive learning skills.

On-Site Training

SSI Global Compliance, LLC training has been tailored to assist our customers in understanding and implementing security programs to maintain a sustainable enterprise. Our on-site training can be customized to fit the needs or your employee’s and vendors.

Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Prevention Program

With the current events around mass shootings, employers are searching for the right measures to put in place for the protection of their employees while in the work place.
There have been numerous training recommendations to address the “Active Shooter” events that are far too frequent as of late, however none are addressing the “Root Cause” and preventative measures necessary to avoid Workplace Violence to include “Active Shooter”.
SSI Global Compliance, LLC has a combined staff of experienced professionals with first-hand knowledge and expertise in the area of Workplace Violence / Active Shooter programs.

Workplace Violence / Active Shooter Overview

Comprehensive overview fulfilling OSHA, DHS and FEMA compliance standards.

Workplace Violence:

  • WPV definition
  • Threats in the workplace
  • Warning Signs
  • Reasons for a WPV program
  • Types of WPV
  • Social Media

Active Shooter:

  • Active Shooter definition
  • Situational awareness
  • Lessons learned
  • Five stages of Active Shooter
  • “Run / Hide / Fight” concept
  • Reporting to Law Enforcement
  • When Law Enforcement Arrives – The Aftermath

Workplace Violence / Case Management:
The program uses key elements for the organization to prepare, prevent and act on Workplace Violence to mitigate risk and maintain OSHA standard compliance. The Module consists of:

  • Elements of an effective WPV program
  • WPV prevention and written program
  • Employee information and training
  • Supervisor and manager training
  • Threat Assessment process
  • Situational Assessment Team (SAT)
  • Role of SAT
  • SAT members

Partial list of our training programs

Large class attending presentation

    • Security Awareness / Terrorism
    • CTPAT
    • Social Compliance
    • Crisis Management / Business Continuity
    • Workplace Violence
    • Active Shooter
    • Transportation Logistics
    • Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting

SSI Global Compliance, LLC participated in the development and implementation of a training program recognized as a “Best in Class” for Corporate America engaged with suppliers, vendors and direct import partners in China for Social Compliance and C-TPAT programs.

The SSIGC staff was recognized in Cali, Colombia by a local professional organization having presented compliance material on an international level to multi-national audiences.