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SSI Global Compliance, LLC’s members have long been regarded as the ones to emulate for our highly qualified audit teams. Most importantly, we believe that the sensibility and compassion of our auditors are the backbone of our quality services. Consistency and sustainability of SSIGC ensures our client’s success and continued growth.

Attention to social standards will increasingly be scrutinized, as the issue continues to move to the forefront in the arena of public opinion and litigation gains momentum. Unconventional audit approaches have become important in overcoming the limitations of the traditional auditing tools. Our auditors have years of experience in conducting audits considering and focusing on:

  • Independent Monitoring
  • Centralized approach
  • Working knowledge of the national and local laws
  • Knowledge of the predominant language or dialect of the local factory workforce
  • Manufacturing environment
  • Conducting confidential worker interviews

Our high quality service has been well recognized by our clients as well as our competition as we have taken our auditing program to a new level based on the following “Problem Solving Solutions”:

  • “Root Cause” analysis
  • Training
  • Business engagement
  • Program management
  • Sustainability through partnership
  • Improvement initiatives
  • Risk abatement