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Brand Protection


“Counterfeiting” is the manufacturing and/or selling of an imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud.

outdoor marketSSI Global Compliance, LLC has garnered international respect for providing corporations, large and small with a full range of services related to Brand Protection and combating the sale of counterfeit products throughout the Americas. We specialize in aggressively pursuing those illegal entities seeking to profit by damaging your corporations brand and reputation for quality.

Each program is individually designed to address the needs of your corporation as it relates to the products you sell and distribution channel utilized. Whether you choose SSIGC for a specific investigation or the full development of a comprehensive Brand Protection Program you receive the following:

  • A proven network of legal and investigative resources throughout the Americas.
  • Expert market analysis to determine the importation and distribution channel of the counterfeit product on a country by country basis.
  • Ability to analyze and obtain information associated with those individuals and companies selling counterfeit product via e-commerce.
  • Proven relationships with customs, prosecutors and police agencies in order to seize and remove the counterfeit products negatively impacting your market share and sales revenue.
  • Litigation support in the event you pursue criminal and/or civil litigation against those infringing on your trademark.

The SSI Global Compliance, LLC network of business, government and security professionals ensures that our clients receive custom designed solutions delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.